Navy Field

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Navy Field is a massively multiplayer online tactics game (MMOTG) based on Navy battles in World War II. You can expect to see such WWII units as fighters, bombers, and warships engaged in naval battles. The game uses both RPG and strategic elements. For the RPG side, the game uses a sailor leveling system with 75 different sailor position. You also use credits to upgrade your ships and weapons. On the strategy side, players can form clans and fleets in order to work together against enemy nations. The game has 2 different servers. One is called Missouri and the other is called Arizona. Make the choice count because one account can only use one of the servers, not both. 

Although not for everybody due to its depth and complexity, Navy Field is great to try out if you want to experience WWII action without paying at first. It is not like buying Battlefield 1942 and deciding a week later that you don't like the game and then being stuck with it. On the other hand, war strategy gamers and rpgers will have plenty to like. 

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Author: MMORPG Expert
Rating: 10
Comment: It truly is one of the marvels of today's graphics design and game depth.. A must have for any hardcore online gamer. Well worth the download and eventual payments!

Author: Drunk420
Rating: 9
Comment: I played this game for a good 6+ months. It is a pretty awesome game, although the learning curve can be steep for beginners. Nothing is more rewarding than when you master manual aiming in NF. Equipment includes guns, torpedoes, scout planes, bombers, fighters, torpedo bombers and Anti-air. No longer free for lvl 30+, but definitely worth a download!

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Navy Field is free to play.

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