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RF Online (Rising Force) is a Korean sci-fi MMORPG that focuses primarily on PvP over PvE. The game does have PvE but do expect too much from it. You will mainly have too grind due to lack of quests. That said the stand-out element of the game by far is PvP and that starts at level 25. Like Dark Age of Camelot there are 3 warring factions to choose from. These warring factions battle each other in large scale wars.

Similar to Dungeons and Dragons Online this MMORPG is not for every MMORPGer. Where D&D Online was built to be a PvE game RF Online was built to be a PvP game. Furthermore gamers will also notice a different style of gameplay and interface in RF Online due to its Asian roots. Basically this game is targeted towards gamers who will enjoy large PvP battles with mechs.

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Author: jfodale
Rating: 9
Comment: A new competitor in the MMORPG market RF Online is a sci-fi/fantasy based RPG imported by Codemasters from Korea. Its focus is on a 3-way race battle between the Accretia the Bellato and the Cora – much like the setup of DAOC for those that are familiar with that title.

While on the surface it seems similar to other MMORPGs it is quite different when you dive into it. Gone are the traditional “healer” or “support” classes that are common in most MMORPGs.

Author: pellnell
Rating: 9
Comment: Feels like a combination of AO and DAoC but I like it better than both those!

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Pricing Model

RF Online costs about $15 per month to play.

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  1. It’s a low quality MMORPG, I’ve seen many remakes of these type of Korean rags. However, the game play is decent. Everything moves fast however, making it not so enjoyable to play. Overall, it’s a game to play when in a rush.

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  2. I like how it’s focused on PvP like its an allout war where you see another player from a different faction / nation / race, you instantly heighten your senses :3
    It’s cool. Great game

    Thumbs Uppy~

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  3. For an MMO dating to 2004 (Korean release) and 2006 (U.S. release), graphics are actually pretty good; game makes pretty good use out of the bloom effect. And for the theme itself, which is more of a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, the game has elves and mech characters as a race option, and weapons ranging from guns to swords. Customization options are great as well as you can customize hair, face, upper torso, lower torso, arms, and feet. As for gameplay, PvP is really the main attraction. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.5/5.

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