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Wheel of Time MUD is a free roleplaying and PvPing game based on the Wheel of Time novels by Robert Jordan. WoT MUD has been running since 1993 and has Robert Jordan's personal permission to run the game. For anybody not familiar with the novels, the Wheel of Time is one of the best fantasy novel series ever. In order to make the game as close to the books as possible, the Wheel of Time MUD tries to capture every inch of the epic fantasy series with a game world that consists of over 19,000 rooms. You can find all the cities, towns, monsters, characters, and races of the Wheel of Time universe. From Aes Sedai channeling the One Power to Aiel to Darkfriends betraying the Light, Wheel of Time MUD has it all. 


  • Faithful recreation of the Wheel of Time books allows for deep roleplaying.
  • Huge game world with over 19,000 playable rooms.
  • Player battles between the Dark and the Light races.
  • Channeling (magic) system based on the five elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit, and Air.
  • Channeling also uses weaves and magical items known as angreal, ter'angreal, and s'angreal.
  • Quests are available constantly.
  • Detailed clan system with ranks, clan quests and clan wars.
  • Current clans include Aes Sedai, Warders, Children of the Light, Fades, and Wolfbrothers.
  • High level players get experience for helping beginners.
  • Players can build their own zones.

Select User Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: MaximillianofManetheren
Comment: If you like D&D (the original with dice) you'll love this MUD. If you also like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, welcome to your new addiction. This is the only game I play online. I will probably never need to play another. I do not foresee becoming bored with this one any time soon. 

Rating: 10
Author: Thayla
Comment: I have been mudding for about 5 years off and on now. If you are looking for a good WOT based mud, then look no further because this is it. The Wheel of Time MUD is far superior in detail and complexity to any other mud that I have come across. I also found it to be more comprehensible as far as learning how to play and getting started than a lot of other MUDs out there. The creators did an excellent job in keeping the world true to the actual series. I am very Impressed. Also very detailed and beautiful descriptions.

Rating: 8
Author: nass
Comment: It is a genuine Wheel of Time game community, from snooty Aes Sedai who are resented and feared because of their power, to brutal Trollocs who slay anything that comes their way, and the game tries, as far as is reasonably possible, to endow the various Wheel of Time caricatures with the attributes you would expect. For example, warders are tough as heck (but then so are fades). 

Rating: 10
Author: bock
Comment: Having played countless online games since first logging on to a BBS with my Apple IIe and 300 baud modem in the early 80s, WoT MUD is probably the best MUD I have seen. Like Robert Jordan's books, danger can appear at any time and in many forms. This is an unrestricted PK/PVP (Player-killing or Player v. Player) MUD, so one of the evil Trollocs or perhaps one of the returning Seanchan will attack you! Or perhaps you want to BE one of the evil Trollocs? You can do it! 

With three sides to choose from (Light side, Dark side, Seanchan), the PK and role-playing opportunities are seemingly endless. The world is huge. The playerbase is large. Whether you are into exploring, PKing, RPing or meeting new friends, WoT MUD has much to offer. 

It does take a small amount of effort to truly learn the game (and I am still learning, trust me), but the help boards contain a wealth of information regarding characters, classes, weapons, PK help, RP help, etc. And I have found that overall the playerbase is very helpful when you are starting out. Some may enjoy those so-called "graphic" online games, but with WoT MUD, the theatre of the mind rules! I still recall the first time I ran into a Trolloc and I was away from town... the adrenalin rush, the shakes, and the excitement as I fled for my life! If you have played MUDs before, you need to give the Wheel of Time MUD a spin. If you haven't, give it a shot and in a short amount of time you will probably become one of the many ADDICTS who consider this place home. The admins are continually and actively working to improve the game, so the future for this game is very bright.

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Pricing Model

The Wheel of Time MUD is completely free. 

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