Tales Runner

Game Description and Comments

Tales Runner is a free MMO racing game with cartoony graphics where players run against each other for prizes. Although this game has achieved most of its success so far in Asia, the English version of Tales Runner is currently in beta testing. As far as the game is concerned, do not expect a straight racing game where players just race to the finish line. Instead, players can a perform a variety of actions like skiing, jumping, and swimming. Players also may need to dodge monsters and perform math to win a race. The idea of the game is very refreshing and a lot of fun. 

Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • Fairy tale theme.
  • Colorful cartoon-like graphics.
  • Players race on foot but can do a variety of actions such as ski, swim, jump, and even dodge.
  • Different game rooms for different types of races.
  • Different types of racing include 8 player races, relay races, and 30 player races.
  • Some features like marriages are exclusive to certain versions. 
  • Math may be needed to win a race.
  • Eight predefined characters including Rough, Ming Ming, Big Bo, and DnD.  
  • Boss monsters like lizards and octopus chase racers.
  • Players can be social in town.
  • Top runners are listed on the game's website.  

Select Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Tales Runner is the latest title from developer Rhaon Entertainment to hit the North American market. The game’s unique concept of racing through popular favorite fairy tales (i.e. Alice and Wonderland & Jack and the Beanstalk) is sure to appeal to players of all ages. 

I have played TR (Tales Runner) during Close Beta and I will say that this game has lots of potential and already has exceeded my expectations. The animation is clear well polished but not like that of Eve and RF Online. The graphics are also cartoony and are perfect for those who likes less serious animation. The game play is very easy to get used to and you have to use strategy in order to exceed in the game. Now for the stats.


There isn't much of a story at all to this game but enough to show what is going on. But who really needs a story for a racing game?


The graphics are clean and crisp and you don't get what you get in most games, the cloths sticking through your character. In the races
it is easy to tell where you have to go and you won't be seeing yourself walking through obstacles as you can in some older racing games. The characters are well-designed and won't leave you wondering who made them. The music is very catchy and provides the perfect racing atmosphere that any true racer would want. Though it isn't heavy metal music or Gothic rock, it still helps the atmosphere of the game.

Game play:

The game revolves around racing. In order to race you must either enter a race room or create your own where you have the option to put items or stomp on. While you are waiting for more people to join the room you are in, you may chat with other people, change your characters looks, or privately talk to your friends that aren't in the same room. However, don't do this for too long or you'll never be able to begin racing.

While racing you need to press some easy-to-reach keys on your keyboard in order to do certain things. Those keys are as follows: up, down, left, or right in order to move; Z in order to dash (which makes you go faster, but be warned, you only have a limited amount of dash that eventually refills); Shift in order to use items; and Control in order to jump. As an act of pity, if you get hit enough times in a race you will be able to enter rage for a limited time which makes you invincible, able to run three times your normal speed, and be able to bask other racers out of your way.

Each race course is different in some aspects or another. In some, you have to ski down a steep mountain while dodging many trees and going 2 times your normal speed. In others, you may have to swim or fly by pressing Control repeatedly. While in others you will have to run, dash, and jump in order to succeed. Also in TR you my have to answer simple math problems in order to advance through the course.

There are 6 different ways you can race so far. you can race by yourself to see if you can beat your record or the record placed by others; you may participate in an 8 player race where you race against 7 other opponents; team races where you race in two teams of four and the wining team wins; the awesome 30 player race where you can race against 29 opponents, survival races where you try to survive the longest against a fairy take boss; or a 6 team relay competition which consists of 6 teams of three passing batons and teamwork.

In races where items are turned on, many items are available to use against your opponents. One item is the almighty Chicken which automatically targets the person in front of you and makes them fall down, losing time. another item is the Transformer which transforms anyone who enters the transforming cloud into a random animal which each vary in speed. Besides offensive items, there are a few defensive items such as the Airbag which protects you from one attack, the Booster which increases your speed for a limited time, and the Boots of Speed which drastically increases your speed for a limited time. There are also many traps that may bounce back your opponent, cause you to be unable to see for a limited time, or causes you to lose control of your character for a limited time.

If you had enough of winning, button mashing, or a nagging mom who thinks that you are going to break her keyboard, you can visit the TR Park. You can play fun mini games which can earn you TR or cool accessories that last for a limited time. You also will be able to jump around on the giant piano and make music with friends, hook an elastic rope around your friends and follow them whenever they go without pressing a button , or just hang out and chat.

The unique and special thing abut TR is that your opponents are always people because there are no bots that race for you, and any new ones are easily taken care of and the creator is banned from the game


Like many MMOs, you can customize your character even though TR technically isn't an MMO. With every race you participate in you may win some TR (the in-game currency) which you may use to buy new accessories and clothing to customize your characters. Some items that you may be able to buy are pets, long scarves which follows you around while your racing, cool wings that come in many different colors, and multiple clothing sets. As you can see with all of these items that you can use to customize your character, there will be a lot of individualism between peoples characters, their looks also may help you figure out someone's interests or personality.

The GMs in this game are fun, easy to interact with, and care about you, (you may get to know some on a personal level). You can always tell a GM apart from other players because they appear as little elves instead of the usual characters that you can use. Also they really aren't that good at racing yet so you don't have to feel inferior to them (don't tell them that i said that, i mean it, lol!) The other players of the game are also very nice to you and are willing to help you get started with TR and its controls, but there are some rude, mean, or overly serious gamers that like to try to ruin your fun (even though it won't work because TR is such a fun game).


It's a very fun and addictive game, but since it is still in beta stage there isn't much content at the moment. Until they add more items to the game and add more courses and characters it won't get a 10, but it will get a 10 by the end of the year if it keeps going the way it is going now.

Some things that they will be adding are 4 more characters, many more items, alchemy - where you can make items to improve your stats, and many more courses to race on.

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Pricing Model

Tales Runner is free-to-play, but does have an item mall.  

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